Shifting mindsets from ‘have to’ to ‘want to’

Developing human-centred compliance programs is a huge part of our work at Be More Human. We have found that the more highly regulated the sector, the more organisations need employees to understand not just the letter, but the spirit, of the relevant laws, policies, codes and regulations.

We want people to want to do the right thing, not because they have to, but because they couldn’t imagine any other way. We help teams connect the rules to the why and to the overarching values and mission of the organisation. Simply expecting people to memorise clauses and rules, leads to fear-fueled cultures where whole systems can often freeze up as front-line team members and supervisors either a) avoid making any decisions in deference to consulting ever more senior managers or b) say no to everything assuming that there is probably a rule somewhere that prevents action or c) push through regardless. There is a better way.


Doing the Right Thing


Westpac asked us to help them transform the way more than 60,000 team members think about compliance across their Group. So we crafted Do the Right Thing, a deeply human learning programme that brings together Westpac values, ethical decision making, self and other awareness, and over 50 policies and codes, all in service of the Westpac Service Promise.

The programme includes human-centred films and manifestos, graphic scribes to showcase psychological insights and a series of complex branching scenarios that allow people from all levels and roles to learn more about how doing the right thing is the right thing to do, for everyone.


To support the ongoing values-lead cultural transformation of Westpac Group we continue to develop programs to further deepen team member capability including a programme to relaunch the Westpac Values and to launch the Westpac Compass.

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